I got 99 problems and they’re all unfinished projects

I’m not even sure to start.

The most pressing project may be which has already had a silent launch. I’m worried it requires more time and energy than I have available if I want it to be the end-all-be-all resource for webcomic fans and creators. I am very fortunate to know a few people who have really stepped out and helped up where they could. Even if it’s simply opinions and noticeable design flaws being pointed out – this sort of feedback always gives me a second wind.

We also have our first ever Drink ‘n Draw scheduled next weekend. I’ve already postponed it once when I decided to go with Discord instead of Google Meet last minute so it cannot be delayed any further if we’re going to start taking it seriously.

I want to have a solid idea of which webcomic concept I want to press forward with before we start. I need to force myself and sit at the drawing table and start taking it seriously. That’s going to be the biggest challenge this week, baby steps toward a bigger picture.

Oh, and I’m starting diet and trying to stay active. Coronavirus has made me a figurative potato which resides on the couch. Here goes nothing.

By Mike

Don't look at me, I'm hideous

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