Who The What


Lonely Fetus was the first domain name I've ever owned, way back in, like, the year 2000. It originally was spelled slightly different, but that version was poached by Spanish Pornography.

I originally wanted it to be a grimdark edgelord Hot Gothic(tm) Yahoo. It had a very basic directory, websearch function, and free webmail.

For fun I just looked it up on archive.org and it was extremely embarrassing. Early goth teenager garbage. Wow.

To be fair, this thing pre-existed Google, Facebook,... MySpace.

Eventually I discovered very early webcomics, especially single panel dailies like Toothpaste For Dinner and Natalie Dee. I made similar attempts at bad art and it went well for a while.

I was proud of those days and still have friends and acquaintences despite doing damn near all of it with a pseudonym. I still long for making webcomics and the pseudofame that came with it.